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Let our digital signage masters help your school communicate better with a customized solution. Deliver engaging interactive experiences using the latest touch-screen technology with Virtuoso. You can control and manage all time-sensitive information with a single set of tools from a single location. Notify students and staff and promote events and products anywhere on campus with digital signage.
Self-Service Kiosks
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Engage with Customers

We make it easy for you to provide your customers with answers to their questions right away, and more. Enhanced services and digital messaging will encourage customers to keep returning. Toshiba can help you find ways to broaden and improve the customer experience. Impactful digital signage offers more accessible customer information, plus a better-informed sales staff. Our masters can help you develop a plan to move from static to dynamic communications that will improve your service and your bottom line. Some of the ways to use digital signage to enhance the customer experience include:

  • Dynamic point-of-sale promotions with daily/hourly specials
  • Menu boards that change with daypart
  • In-store TV that entertains
  • Interactive kiosks that can help customers find what they’re looking for
  • Self-service kiosks to order online if products are
    not available in store
  • Reduce perceived wait times by engaging customers
  • Interactive wayfinding to direct customers
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Ellumina Digital Signage
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Invoices and Proof of Delivery in an Instant

When customer service reps have instant access to POD and AR documents, they can handle customers’ requests for invoices immediately. We can also get you set up so you can scan customer invoices and proof-of-delivery documents right when drivers return from their routes, so last minute changes are recorded promptly and accurately.

Attract Customers - Make the Shopping Experience More Engaging

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With a marketplace that’s more competitive than ever, you need to gain a captive audience that’s ready to buy. Toshiba can help you create a more creative and attractive shopping experience. Turn your display space into customer spending with Toshiba’s Ellumina line of digital signage solutions. The possibilities are endless. Our digital signage solutions can:

  • Help them get around with wayfinding
  • Point of sale, in-store TV, and interactive kiosks
  • Extend your online marketing
  • Cross sell via third-party advertising
  • Promote value-added services throughout the store
  • Notify customers and employees of emergency alerts
  • Reduce perceived wait times by engaging customers
  • Improve product training
  • Direct customers to special offers and pricing

Manage Digital Content on the Cloud

Toshiba’s Omnichannel platform allows you to plan, distribute, and manage digital content across a network of displays. A cloud-based solution, it helps you keep your digital signage up to date and continuously engaging. It’s simple to deploy in real time, and can help you adjust everything from simple play loops to frequently changing content that you can make hyper-targeted. Easily deliver and manage communications across a secure operating system, allowing for maximum uptime. We offer service plans as comprehensive or singular as you need, and always at a low monthly cost. With ongoing support once installation is complete, Toshiba’s masters will help you keep your messaging up-to-date, too.

Label Printing and More

Toshiba’s thermal barcode printers will help you keep your retail business productive, efficient, and moving at best-in-class speed. From entry level to high performance, shelf marking and markdown labels to price tags and receipt printing, all are easy to use and many allow printing on the go. Long lasting print heads take the hassle out of maintenance while saving you money.

Going Green is Always in Style

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Toshiba will cut your retail printing expenses by as much as 40%. We’ll get you printing smarter, leaner and greener, and make sure you never have to own another printer again. Our eco-friendly programs, software, and technology will help you reduce your environmental footprint. We remain dedicated to furthering green initiatives, from turning your used toner cartridges into useful items like park benches to greener manufacturing.
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